What is PVC?

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is one of the most commonly used types of plastic in the world.

Is PVC fencing different to Vinyl fencing?

No – While PVC and Vinyl polymers are technically not the same (PVC itself is a type of Vinyl), when the terms are used within the fencing industry, they are both referring to the same product.

What colours are available?

We readily offer White PVC fencing products, it is our most requested style and works with many Hampton style homes as well as renovated older homes.

Can I install PVC fencing myself?

Yes, you certainly can! We say, if you can set posts and install a timber fence you can install a PVC fence. Lear how to do pvc fencing here: (link)

Can you install PVC Fencing on top of retaining walls?

Yes, you certainly can. PVC Fencing is very easily installed onto retaining walls. Depending on whether the wall is a core-filled block wall or a sleeper wall utilising steel posts, we have an option for each.

For the core-filled wall we can supply aluminium flange posts which can be bolted directly onto the core-filled wall, then the PVC post can be sleeved over the top and attached like so, the flange post is designed to be neatly encased by the 5” (127x127mm) PVC post.

Is PVC fencing pool safe and pool compliant?

Yes, PVC fencing can be used to construct a pool fence which is compliant as long as the minimum gaps between rails and component spacing is adhered to.

It is important to check the legislation governing the location of your pool to ensure compliance. Please see link here for WA guidelines

We offer many styles within the range which are compliant if selected in appropriate heights.